Features of shamanism

The shaman undertakes an ecstatic journey to:

meet face to face with the heavenly God and give him offerings from his community
find the soul of the patient, who is believed to have lost her way away from the body or was kidnapped by demons;
deliver the soul of the deceased to her new home;
finally, to enrich their knowledge through communication with supernatural beings.
Preparing for an ecstatic journey, the shaman puts on a ritual costume and beats a tambourine (or plays a special instrument). During ecstasy, he can turn into a wild beast and pounce on other shamans. The ability of the shaman to travel to other worlds and to see supernatural beings (gods, demons, spirits of the dead, etc.) was the decisive factor in the cognition of death.

The common notion in Siberian shamanism is the idea of three worlds: the upper (heaven), middle (earthly) and lower (underground). Shaman — a person who, thanks to the heavenly election, is able to move through the World Tree between the worlds to achieve practical goals: healing the patient, predictions, causing rain, etc.

Shamanism is based on animistic religion, claiming that everything in the world has a soul. In their advanced forms, animistic religions contain polytheistic representations where natural phenomena such as the Sun, Moon, stars, thunder and lightning, fire, etc., are already personified as deities (gods).

shaman features
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