History of Siberian shamanism
According to archeology, shamanic rituals were practiced in Siberia in the Neolithic and bronze age. Unlike most religious teachings, created a particular founder, shamanism was a natural, historical way.

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Features of shamanism
The shaman undertakes an ecstatic journey to:

meet face to face with the heavenly God and give him offerings from his community
find the soul of the patient, who is believed to have lost her way away from the body or was kidnapped by demons;
deliver the soul of the deceased to her new home;
finally, to enrich their knowledge through communication with supernatural beings.

shaman features
Siberian shamans will help you

Shamanism is based primarily on individual experience, which is almost not accumulated in the form of books and canons. The criterion of truth is always the individual ecstatic experiences of a particular shaman.
Shaman as a rule can not completely control the spirit which is in him dwells or with whom he communicates, he is more of a facilitator in communicating with spirits, and sometimes it is the will of the spirits.
The shaman can explore the world (spirit), based on personal experience, and you can make maps of the universe, which, as a rule, purely individual.
For the call of the spirit or of fellowship with him used rituals ritual when the shaman goes into a trance or experiencing transpersonal States. In many regions, used for ritual tambourine or a jaw harp, some dances, and spells......

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